About Us

Our History

The La Habra Host Lions Club is a community organization with a rich history of service and tradition. Established in 1947, our club has been a cornerstone of La Habra's social and philanthropic landscape for over seven decades.

Our story begins with a visionary member, Bill Miller, whose passion and dedication were instrumental in shaping the identity of our club. Recognizing the vibrant community of transplanted mid-westerners in Southern California, Bill proposed the idea of organizing an old-fashioned corn festival as a major annual fundraiser. What started as a simple one-day event featuring square dancing, bingo, and plenty of buttered ears of corn has blossomed into the renowned Corn Festival & Parade.

Today, the Corn Festival & Parade is a highlight of La Habra's annual calendar, drawing visitors from surrounding cities to our vibrant city. Spanning an entire weekend, the festival has evolved to encompass a wide array of attractions, including rides, games, crafts, food, vendors, and live music. Located at the heart of La Habra in El Centro-Lions Park, the festival has become our largest fundraiser, supporting our ongoing efforts to serve the community.

At the heart of the festival is the iconic parade, which kicks off Saturday's festivities with a display of community spirit and tradition. Widely regarded as one of the oldest summer parades in Southern California, it is a testament to our commitment to celebrating our heritage and bringing the community of La Habra together.

As we look to the future, the La Habra Host Lions Club remains dedicated to serving our community and preserving the traditions that have made us who we are. We invite you to join us in celebrating our history and shaping our future as we continue to make a difference in the lives of those around us.

Our Impact in the Community

100+ Club Members

28 Grants Awarded in 2023

Over $120k Awarded in 2023

Serving La Habra Since 1947

2023-2024 Club Board of Directors

President and Chairman
Vanessa Perkins

1st Vice President and Vice Chairman
Roy Ramsland

2nd Vice President
Stewart Bruckner

3rd Vice President
Ofelia Hanson

Larry Rottweiler

Treasurer Club
Christina Torres

Treasurer Foundation
Bobbi Olson

Mark Handler
Buck Hannah
Mark Phillipi
Jeanette Jones

Membership Chair
Kathy Felix

Leo Club Advisor
Carla Tezak

Past President and Past Chairman
Catherine Badame

Tail Twisters
Bob Beale
Danny Hanson

Lion Tamers
Scott Olson
Larry Spooner

Corn Festival Chairs
Stewart Bruckner
Veronica Hannah

Procurement Officer
Randy McMillan